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Graphic Design

I was introduced to the world of graphic design in 2009 while taking an introductory graphic design class in High School. I fell in love with designing graphics and have been designing ever since. 

Cheers to 60 Years, Anniversary Invitation


Cheers to 60 Years

An invitation to a wedding anniversary celebration


Hoagland-Toney Wedding Stationary

This is one of my favorite wedding sets I had the opportunity to design for some of my favorite people. 

Wedding Invitation
Save the Date


Ferry-Branaugh Wedding Stationary

This was my first wedding stationary project and definitely set the ground work for my love of wedding stationary design. 


Welcome Baby Announcement

A Welcome Baby announcement I had the pleasure of creating for someone very close to my heart. 

Birth Announcement


Redmond Shoe Business Card

Redmond Shoe

I had the pleasure of redesigning the business card and website for Redmond Shoe. Redmond Shoe is a Central Oregon shoe shop that closed its doors in late 2019 after the owners retired. They recently reopened their books for Birkenstock repair only.


Stock Images

None of these have ever gone to production. This was a project I did for myself as a way to build experience and have the opportunity to work with different texts, backgrounds, color schemes, themes and more. 

Any of these designs are available for customization and purchase.

Wedding Stationary Stock
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