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Web Design

About Pricing

Pricing includes design time only. Additional domain and hosting fees will apply. Fees will vary.

** A note about my web development services: I use template building software to create my websites and do not do my own coding. If your wants are beyond my capabilities, I will be honest and discuss this with you before proceeding with the website. I don't take on jobs unless I'm 100% confident I can fulfill your wishes. 

Basic Website


 A basic website that would fit within a 5 hour design time could consist of 1-3 simple pages.


Advanced Website


 And advanced website that would fit within a 10 hour design time could consist of 2-6 simple pages.


Complex Website

Starting @ $700

 A complex website will have an unknown amount of time to design, pricing will start at $700 for 16 hours of design time . $50 an hour after. Page counts and complexity will vary.


Yearly Hosting & Maintenance Fees


Hosting  fees do not include any changes to website. Prices will vary. Hosting fees range from $30-$200 per month, depending on plan and duration. If you do not already own a domain, we will need to buy one, which can range in price from approximately $20 and up.


Changes & Upkeep

$50 per hour

Any changes or updates that need to be made to website will be billed hourly. 


Get in Touch

Reach out regarding an upcoming project, request a quote or just say hi! 

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