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These are mostly for me. I don't proclaim to be a professional fine artist,  but I enjoy painting and drawing from time to time and thought I would share some of my favorite more recent works. 

Mountains of MT

A jewelry box I painted for my oldest Step-Sister in 2021. The scene is of the Montana mountains near where she lives.

Sunrise on the Mountains

Acrylics on Canvas

Sunrise Thru the Trees


Coaster Set

This was a coaster set I painted for my parents as a Christmas gift in 2021. My family traveled a lot as a kid and each coaster represents a memorable place we went together. Top Left to Right: Oregon Coast; Disneyland; Camping throughout Oregon Bottom Left to Right: Courthouse & Jail Rock near Bridgeport, Nebraska; White Sands National Park, New Mexico; Alaskan Glacier, Skagway Alaska

Christmas Ornaments

Mixed Media: Wood ornaments on canvas, all painted with acrylics.

Moon Child


Fishing In CO

Watercolor of a fishing trip at a Central Oregon lake

Cascade Mountains

A tiny 2x2 acrylic painting on canvas


Micron Pen

Rosie Dreams

Acrylics on Canvas. This was one of my first attempts at turning a drawing into a painting. It's not perfect, but I still love it to this day.


Based on Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas. Colored Pencil

Jail & Courthouse Rocks

A tiny 2x2 acrylic painting on canvas

Firey Reflections

Acrylic on canvas

Moon Flower

This was one draft of a tattoo design I did for a close friend.

Bird House

Acrylic painted birdhouse

Feather Tattoo

I did a few rendition of feathers for a tattoo idea for my cousin.

Arial Reimagined

Watercolor pencils on watercolor paper. If Arial the mermaid was a Hipster.....

The Finer Arts

I have been dabbling in the fine arts for as long as I can remember. In middle and high school, I would draw as a way to wind down and take my mind off of school. I also took art classes as often as I could. 

Over time, I started drawing less and less until it became almost a stranger to me. I still don't do as much drawing as I used to, but I've been starting to integrate doodling back into my life as a form of relaxation. 

I started painting a few years ago and realized just how much I loved it. I have anxiety and get stressed out a little too easily. Painting is the best way I've found to calm my mind. I hope to do more painting in the near future and level up my skills. My ultimate goal is to grow my inventory of paints and ultimately turn my painting into printable products such as stickers, greeting cards, prints and more! 

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